Conductor & Distilled: How To Hire In-House SEO

Webinar: How To Hire In-House SEO

Conductor and Distilled present a webinar on how a business can go about hiring an in-house SEO. Unlike many SEO-related webinars that justify the outsource, Conductor and Distilled preach the need to hire and bring SEOs in-house. This is not as easy as placing an ad in the paper. The webinar states that it might be much more feasible to hire and train rather than finding someone with quality SEO experience. Although with any training, it requires a ramp-up period, the cost of training will eventually out-weigh the required salary of training.

Distilled and Conductor did a great job discussing their views of the role of agencies and consultants. Kate Morris expressed that even Distilled has a hard time defining what they are, which demonstrates how many definitions can be conjoured up for the word. It was interesting hearing their views that an agency relationship should be temporary. That once again goes against the status quo of solution providers justifying the outsource, as well as usually justifying an increase in outsourced spending.

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